Comprehensive English Proficiency Test – Reading and Listening Example Test

This Test will provide test-takers with example question forms that they will find in the upcoming Reading and Listening tests.

The Comprehensive English Reading Proficiency Test has 3 question forms and also a reading passage structured question. The first type of question the test-taker will interact with is a multiple choice fill in the blank question. In the second and third types of question, the test-taker will come into contact with a more vocabulary oriented question that tests synonyms, idioms and phrases. Finally Reading passage questions contain between 4-6 questions per passage and test-takers are required to read through the passage to scan and identify the correct information for the corresponding question.

The Comprehensive English Listening Proficiency Test has 2 forms of question that the test-taker will interact with. The first question type test-takers are given a picture and an audio file and are given a choice of answers A-D. The second question type, test-takers are given an audio file BUT NO picture and are given again choices A-C.