Example Test – Corporate English Placement

This Test will provide test-takers with example question forms that they will find in the upcoming reading and listening tests.

The Corporate Reading Test has two question focuses, Grammatical English and Corporate English. There is only one form of question for both which is to choose the correct response for the missing blank.

The Corporate Listening Test has 2 forms of question that the test-taker will interact with. The first question type, test-takers are given a picture and an audio file and are given a choice of answers A-D. The second question type, test-takers are given an audio file BUT NO picture and are given again choices A-C. To complete each question, test-takers must click a play button to play an audio file and choose the best answer.

There are no time limits in this example test. However, test-takers must be aware of the time limits in the actual tests.